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About Us

The History of Moby Memory

Moby Memory was created during the dot-com explosion of 1999 and has been growing ever since. Moby Memory has always stuck to its ethos of great prices coupled with a great service. Dealing directly with manufacturers and official suppliers, we have developed a great relationship with our suppliers over many years,  which has enabled us not only to give the highest standard of support but also offer competitive and low prices to our customers.

Moby Memory originally sold mobile phone accessories and memory, but by expanding our team this allowed us to expand the product range and introduce new innovative ideas and products such as earphones, video games, console accessories, PC and laptop peripherals, repairs and the future only holds more. We continue to expand and grow, without overlooking our key business ethos of great prices and great service.

Why choose Moby Memory?

In recent years competition has grown rapidly and with so many companies to choose from why choose us? Moby Memory has over 15 years of experience within the memory sector and our dedicated sales and customer service team have the experience and skills to supply the service our customers deserve at the best prices you would expect from Moby Memory. 


Nobody wants to overpay and want to have confidence they are buying products from a website with the best prices. We constantly update our prices to ensure we offer the best value for money. All of our products are genuine – with a lot of fakes available,  it is easy to be fooled into paying for something that looks the same but is not.  We have always only sold genuine products and will always do so. 

Moby Memory Proudly Serves

We value all our customers and appreciate their loyalty and feedback. We welcome feedback and continue to work hard to improve our quality of service.  Our team has been carefully selected, and this has resulted in a fantastic team. This elite team works around the clock to bring in new ideas, products, services and much more for our customers.


Laguna Bay
6A Queensway
PO Box 64
GX11 1AA

Company number 114456